Pałac Myślęta


It is well-equipped complex:
• leisure pool with water attractions: water jet, geyser, counter,
• children’s pool with water attractions,
• Dry sauna,
• Jacuzzi
• sunny meadow.

Dry Sauna is a very simple and effective way to cleanse the body of toxins, poisons him, which is equivalent to relaxation, relaxation and more energy.Stay in the sauna has a positive effect on improving the efficiency of the whole body and overall health. Staying in a sauna improves mood, relaxing and enjoyable way to spend your free time.In addition, for the use of the sauna is also supported by many medicinal properties: alternating warming and cooling of the body to improve circulation, toughens the body and protects it from collapsing common for all kinds of infections.
Modern and health reform in the room throughout the year and you can relax, such as the water bath or dry sauna. Sunny Meadow gives a soft tan body by rays similar to natural sunlight. Lying in the area of natural and lightly tanning sun, you can relax and improve skin tone. On the sunny meadow client relaxes as in nature, as placed high on the ceiling element tanning, creating favorable relaxation stretching what is relaxation of body and psyche.

Sunny Meadow :
• how the natural and gentle tanning,
• the effect of some exposure in the autumn and winter periods,
• nice bath solar
• Safe sunlight the body without harmful effects on the skin,
• the Mediterranean heat

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