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SPA Zone

SPA area is the original place for people who appreciate peace, quiet and comfort of a full relaxation of body and soul. During your stay you will appreciate the privacy and coziness of the rooms, discretion and tact service and above all benefit the body and mind offered by regular screenings. Our SPA center uses the latest knowledge in the field of beauty and wellness. In this way we provide guests with the highest quality services, treatments and therapies suited to individual needs and preferences. Attraction SPA is unique mud bath and a steam room.

Bathing in mud bath combines the advantages of steam and the beneficial effects of dermatological mineral mud. Inside the mud bath temperature is 35-50 ° C and variable humidity of up to 100%. In the room next to the special seats are located on the mud tanks and a large number of taps used for cleaning the skin after the treatment ended.

In the steam bath is refreshing. Mild temperatures and very high humidity (100%) are real massage for the body, reduces muscle tension and relax the mind. Clouds of steam penetrating the skin, thoroughly cleanse and regenerate it. The skin after the bath is very smooth and soft. Steam baths are different from the hotter, dry sauna, very high humidity and temperatures of 40 – 55 ° C.This allows you to enjoy the benefits of a steam bath to all those who do not tolerate hot air sauna. Hot couple interacts especially healthy for the skin, the respiratory diseases, rheumatic pains. This ensures deep relaxation in an appropriate environment, in the most pleasant way. Steam bath is much more than a room filled with steam. This relaxation of the body and the senses. Even more fun to stay in a cabin heated floor, seat, and above all, an aromatic steam.

Good condition will also keep gyms and fitness and cardio fitness, equipped with modern exercise equipment for people of different fitness levels. You can also use physical activities with instructors (pilates, aerobics, aqua aerobics in the pool).


Opening the office SPA (treatments, massages):
Mon – Sun 10:00-18:00

Opening steam and mud:
Mon – Sun 10:00-22:00

Book a treatment or massage, please place immediately upon arrival, this will allow you to choose the most convenient time.
Phone: 23 697 30 93

Face treatment:

1. Cavitation peeling
Non-invasive treatment of all skin types, even sensitive skin, with cavitation peeling completed the appropriate mask. Perfectly cleanses, nourishes and brightens the face. 50 minutes/120 PLN

2. Diamond Microdermabrasion
A controlled removal of the stratum corneum. It gives visible effects of smoothing and brightening, especially for dry skin with hyperpigmentation or scarring. The treatment ends with the application of a suitable mask. 70 minutes/220 PLN

3. Soothing touch
Includes facial massage, neck and decolletage. Ideal relaxes for the skin.
25 minutes/60 PLN

4. Wonderful hydration
Hydrating intensive treatment with hyaluronic acid designed for dry skin, sensitive skin, damaged, with their tendency to lose moisture. 90 minutes/160 PLN

5. Golden revival
Rejuvenation and regeneration treatment-brightening with 24 K gold. Recommended for skin after 40stym years old, grey, tired, with visible signs of aging.
70 minutes/240 PLN

6. Healing power of acids
Treatment with 2% salicylic acid for oily, acne prone skin. Reduces visibility of pores and reduces seborrhea. 90 minutes/160 PLN

7. Vitamin cocktail soothing
Treatment for sensitive skin with dilated capillaries. Perfectly soothes irritation.
80 minutes/160 PLN

8. Collagen treatment
Intense smoothing and moisturizing treatment, recommended for all skin, especially mature. Also recommended for tired, swollen and dark areas around the eyes. Treatment brightens eyes and reduce fine wrinkles around the eyes.
90 minutes/200 PLN
Body treatments in the office SPA:

1. Body scrub
It’s the perfect start to your stay in the SPA. Perfectly cleans and hydrates the body.
20 minutes/ 60 PLN
– Scrub with sea salt
– Sugar scrub honey & milk
– Peeling with wine

2. The velvet skin
Cleansing of the body using a scrub and moisturizing aromatic balm.
30 minutes/80 PLN

3. Feel like Cleopatra
The treatment is based on milk and honey. It moisturizes, nourishes and tones the skin, and while giving great pleasure and relaxation. 60 minutes/120 PLN

4. Grapefruit & Cekropia
Anti-cellulite treatment, body shaping. Slimming, improves elasticity and skin tone. 90 minutes/180 PLN

5. Warming cinnamon
Treatment with a heating effect acting anti-cellulite, reduce body size, affects the senses through scent of cinnamon.
70 minutes/160 PLN

6. Peel off DRAINAGE
The procedure is performed locally, eliminating water and toxins from the body. Works anti-cellulite, firms and regenerates the skin.70 minutes/160 PLN

7. Rejuvenating power of cranberries
Natural extracts of fruit acids and cranberry seeds remove dead skin cells, protects against free radicals and early aging. After treatment, the skin is soft, smooth and supple. 60 minutes/160 PLN


1. Classic full body massage on the basis of selected essential oil
Relieves muscular tension, relaxes, relieves and relaxes.
– Lemon grass: moisturizes and regenerates the skin
– Sweet orange: refreshes and relaxes
– Anti-stress: relaxation, anti-aging 60 minutes/160 PLN

2. Gold massage
Massage oil containing 24 Ka gold particles that stimulate the natural process of skin regeneration. After the massage, the skin stays hydrated and softly lit.
60 minutes/ 200 PLN

3. Classic massage your back on the basis of selected essential oil.
30 minutes/ 80 PLN

4. Aromatic massage and relaxation of the whole body on the basis of selected essential oil
Relaxes and tones the body. 60 minutes/160 PLN

5. Aromatic back massage and relaxation. 30 minutes/80 PLN

6. Slimming massage the whole body
Intensive anti-cellulite massage and a firming effect prevents the formation of stretch marks. 60 minutes/ 180 PLN

7. Slimming massage (thighs and buttocks)
The combination of natural essential oils will break down fat and stimulate blood and lymph circulation. Has the effect of smoothing. 30 minutes/ 90 PLN

8. Hot stone massage the whole body
The combination of hot basalt stones with appropriate relaxation massage techniques work extremely relaxing. After surgery, the body is relaxed and rested. The use of special heat stones improves circulation and metabolism, cleanses the body of toxins. 60 minutes/ 160 PLN

9. Hot stone massage back 30minutes/ 80 PLN

10. Hot chocolate massage the whole body
The sweet smell of chocolate triggers the production of endorphins “happiness hormones”. It is also a great aphrodisiac. It shows anti-cellulite, slimming and moisturizing. The treatment leaves the skin scented and nourished.
60 minutes/ 200 PLN

11. Foot massage
This is one of the most enjoyable ways to relax. Relaxes, soothes and calms. Foot massage can make your blood begins to circulate more quickly, improve the metabolism and toxins are quickly eliminated from the body. 30 minutes/ 60 PLN

Body treatments in steam bath:

1. Steam bath
Splashing in the bath is based on the use of essential oils oils, derived from plants, trees and shrubs. Inhaled oils that float in the warm steam bath, improving well-being and healing effects on the respiratory system. 30 minutes/ 30 PLN

2. Mud bath
The combination of the beneficial effects of fumes from active sea mud. Slimming and anti-cellulite action. 30 minutes/ 100 PLN

Hand care:

1. Almond SPA manicure
The treatment includes a hand bath with the addition of almond oil, peeling and applying brightening mask – cleansing that nourishes, regenerates and hydrates the skin of your hands. 40 minutes/100 PLN

2. Paraffin
Hand care finished applying hot wax, which softens, smoothens and removes dry skin. 40 minutes/80 PLN

3. Classic manicure
The treatment includes nail care and their painting. 50 minutes/50 PLN
No paint – 40 minutes/60 PLN

4. Shellac manicure hybrid
An innovative nail system. Applied like nail polish, preserved like a gel nail remains flawless, brilliant and saturated for several days 70 minutes/120 PLN

5. Complex hand care
Includes classic manicure combined with almond spa manicure or paraffin treatment. 60 minutes/160 PLN

Additional treatments:

1. Eyebrows regulation 15 minutes/20 PLN
2. Coloring eyebrows and regulation 25 minutes/40 PLN
3. Coloring eyelashes 15 minutes/30 PLN
4. Coloring eyelashes, eyebrows and regulation 35 minutes/60 PLN
5. Removing shellac manicure 15 minutes/30 PLN
6. Cavitation peeling with treatment 10 minutes/60 PLN


1. Please arrive for treatment 10 minutes before the start to give yourself time to get changed and refreshed.
2. Each treatment requires adequate preparation therapist, products and treatment room. We respect our customers’ time and we expect that in return. In case of delay in the treatment, we offer you the possibility of an abbreviated version of the procedure or conversion to another – shorter treatment. In case of withdrawal of treatment, please inform reception at least six hours before the scheduled date. If you do not inform about the resignation of booking we consider to be confirmed and treatment as realized.
3. Some treatments require the use of products in the area of buttocks and breasts. If you would like to procedure took place without these areas please inform the therapist.
4. Please avoid large meals just before surgery.
5. After thermal treatments please some hours rest.
6. Immediately before and after surgery, please avoid the sun.
7. SPA is a special place where the atmosphere of relaxation is paramount. Please keep quiet, do not use cell phones.
8. Please do not smoke cigarettes and drink alcohol.

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